Xiaomi 3h vs 3c

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Xiaomi 3h vs 3c

Version Xiaomi Air Purifier 3C owns most of the air purifier features with striking design and flexible investment options would be reasonable for all space from the family to the office.

Specific main filter for effectively removing dust particles, hair, other fine and large particles.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H vs 3C! - 11 różnic w 4 minuty!

The HEPA filter effectively removes up to High-quality activated carbon absorbs formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds VOCs and other harmful gases, while absorbing odors. The automatic mode can automatically adjust the filtration speed based on the current air quality for more efficient and energy efficient air purification. In addition, the device also supports google assistant, Alexa AI for smarter voice control. The three-color light ring displays indoor air quality for easy user monitoring.

In addition, you can also manually customize the screen brightness to be super bright, low light and always bright to best suit the surrounding environment, easier to observe. The overall machine is still quite simple with the same white and pure white tone as previous generations. The filter layout is easily replaceable and the filter element should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggoodremember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping.

You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon. Your family's health is affected by PM2. Breath at ease with a continuous output of purified air. The primary filter efficiently removes dust, hair, fine particles and other large particles.

High-quality activated carbon absorbs formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds VOCs and other harmful gases, and absorbs odors. Up to The True HEPA filter powerfully removes viruses and bacteria from the air, improves indoor air quality, and keeps breathing air safe and clean for your family.

The tri-color light ring can be used as a high-speed reference for the indoor air quality, providing a clear picture of the quality of the air that you breathe. You can manually select one of three display brightness modes—ultra bright, low light and always-on—to best suit your environment, for clear day-time viewing and a no-disturb night-time display.

Sensitive monitoring, automatic speed adjustment Provides fresh air efficiently. High-precision laser sensors provide instant and accurate indoor air quality readings. Use "Auto mode" for automatic purification speed adjustments based on current air quality for efficient and energy-saving air purification. With a base area of just cm2 A4 paper - Replace the new filter core in three quick and easy steps. It is recommended to replace the filter element every 6 to 12 months. To minimize scalper activities and protect the interests of Mi fans, delivery address cannot be changed.

In the event of product price adjustment prior to delivery, price of paid orders will not be affected. I have read and agreed to the Xiaomi Online. This product has been added to your Notification List. If stocks arrive within 30 days, we will use your contact details to keep you updated.

Due to COVID, the ongoing health and containment emergency measures may cause service delays at logistic couriers and Xiaomi authorized service centers until further notice.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H vs 3C! - 11 differences in 4 minutes!

Thank you for your understanding and support. Mi account Sign Out. My Orders. Mi Phones Mi Mi 10T Pro. Mi 10T. Mi 10T Lite.The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier series of tower air purifiers are powerful high-end devices designed for comprehensive air purification in a residential area. According to user reviews, the series fits perfectly into the interior thanks to the laconic techno design. After a few days of using the cleaner, there are improvements in well-being. Sleep improves, allergies go away — the cleaner can absorb dust, pollen, pet hair, the air is cleaned of irritants.

With prolonged use, immunity improves, and resistance to colds increases. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro — model. Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 — model with improved user features. Management has become more convenient, the filter, thanks to improved perforation, can be changed less frequently.

Tall body with lower air intake and upper grille. The lower air intake is justified, as the dust generally drops down.

Management in both cases is convenient to perform through the application.

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You can assign modes, schedule modes, receive reports. An external coarse filter traps wool, hair, and large particles of dust. The internal filter catches fine dust. HEPA filter completely removes the smallest particles of dust, pollen, allergens from the air.

An optional carbon or composite filter cleans the air of organic infections, toxic gases, bacteria, and even flu viruses. The filter is perfectly cleaned and by hand — you can remove dirt, dust, and put in place. Some craftsmen also seal the filter indicator with foil to avoid system warnings of contamination. It makes sense to budget the annual filter change in advance. We recommend using the automatic mode for Mi Air Purifier air purifiers.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H and Mi Air Purifier Pro air purifier review

The device independently and carefully enough regulates the power. At night, it is convenient to set a special night mode with reduced noise. There is not and cannot be a striking difference between purifiers since the main task of air purifiers is to create a comfortable atmosphere and attract a minimum of attention. If you do not notice Air Purifier — everything is fine, it should be so.

In terms of the area served by the Mi Air Purifier Pro, it is slightly more powerful than 60 square meters compared to 48 for Air Purifier 3. Accordingly, air purification is m3 per hour for the Purifier Pro model and m3 for Air 3. Savings with long-term use are available. The new model is lighter. The weight of Air Purifier is 3 grams versus 8 kg of Purifier Pro model. The suction perforated surface of the Air Purifier 3 is wider.

Wider and openings for discharged purified air. It would seem trifles. But no. Filter contamination is more even, less often the need to replace the filter with normal and medium air pollution. You can scroll through the information, set the modes directly on the screen of the cleaner. In fact, using a smartphone is more convenient. Both devices received information color screens.Let us break it down for you.

However, did you know that the Air Purifier could be used all year round? Air Purifiers are used to rid the air of miniscule particles that could be detrimental to our health. The better the quality of air, the less exposed we are to triggers of respiratory health conditions. The air, especially in urban areas, contain particles that are less visible to the naked eye. These contaminants include dust, pollen, smoke, chemical irritants, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores and many particulate matter PM.

Particles that are less than 2. We may believe that the air inside our homes are safer, but with limited air regulation, the air that we constantly breathe indoors hold the most airborne substances. Air Purifiers are great for both commercial and residential use. Offices and schools located in urban areas where there are highways and higher car density would undoubtedly benefit from this device.

These devices are capable of filtering fumes and pollutants such as ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulates from cars and nearby factories, and also reduce the carbon dioxide level in the room that could cause shortness of breath, especially to young children and the elderly.

HEPA Filter is a triple-filter made with activated coconut carbon. All Xiaomi Air Purifiers are equipped with effective dual-fan system that are capable of distributing clean air to far corners of your home. With a press of a button, expect clean, fresh air within minutes. The in-built high precision laser sensor precisely measures the temperature, humidity and PM2.

The in-built Wi-Fi capability allows you to view and control the air quality of your home wherever you are. Take immediate action when you receive a notification from your Mi Air Purifier. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifiers have multiple modes to cater to your needs. Use High-level Mode for when you require the extra boost, or Sleep Mode to sleep well throughout the night with the perfect white noise. The sleek, minimalist design allows the Xiaomi device to fit in your home seamlessly like a companion.

At 24cm x 24 cm x 52cm, these devices pack a punch against allergens and pollutants, capable of keeping your home safe while not taking up much room.

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The size of your air purifier depends on the size of your living space. The larger the area, the wider the coverage area required of your air purifier.Read more. Subscribe to the newsletter and explore modern technologies and devices every day to make your life easier! I have read and accept the information clause. Search for: Search. Wish List.

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Today won't be long. Today there will be two air purifiers that we will put in front of each other!

xiaomi 3h vs 3c

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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro VS Air Purifier 3: Air Purifier Comparison, Price and Coupons

NewsSmart Home. Lu Weibing - Xiaomi's vice president and CEO of the Redmi brand announced that the company will focus this year on introducing a large number of products to help organize a smart home. He provided this information via the platform ReviewsXiaomi Home. The Xiaomi air humidifier will quickly become an inseparable element of our home or apartment. The Mi Home EU humidifier will take care of the comfort of everyday life and, above all, will have a positive effect on health.

Hand in hand with a good air purifier We know the Polish premiere of Xiaomi mi 11, it will take place in February! The prices will not be low, but the specification is very interesting. When will we see the latest Xiaomi flagship? Answering the question - February 25 at 18 p. Prices are on NewsXiaomi Home.

xiaomi 3h vs 3c

Viomi shows a new model with an emptying station! Viomi Alpha 1C Robot Vacuum is the latest model that can conquer the market! What does it look like exactly? You could say that this vacuum cleaner is three in one; sweeps, washes and collects dust! We are already after the 29th final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, despite everything, Owsiak's orchestra continues, and Xiaomi with him. What did the Chinese giant put up for the auction?

Xiaomi's large prize set for the auction was handled very generously. To your auction kitWhen trying to make sense of the term "ecosystem", especially in the world of consumer computing, the vast majority of people immediately think of Apple and its products.

xiaomi 3h vs 3c

Because, of course, those of the bitten apple are devices that can communicate with each other and all connected to a single account on the cloud. But Apple is not the only company that over time has managed to create a system of products of this type.

And the air purifiers Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier are a clear example of this: it is a real family of products, available in different sizes, in order to be able to purify the air from germs, molds, bacteria and PM 2. But do they really work? And most importantly, are they worth the money they cost? Definitely minimal and well cared for, the packaging of the two Xiaomi air purifiers is practically identical in the two models and the only difference is, clearly, relative to the size.

The package contains the air purifiera HEPA filter and the power cable, as well as a quick instruction manual which explains how to connect the device to your local network and configure it through the app available for Android and iOS. Regardless of the version, Xiaomi's air purifier is a decidedly bulky cylinder: the Mi Air Purifier 3H it is 24 x 24 x 52 cm large, while the We Air Purifier Pro it is 26 x 26 x 74 cm large.

And this difference in size is due to the fact that, in a nutshell, the main difference between the two models is in the fact that the 3H is suitable for filtering air in rooms up to 45 square meters, while the Pro version is suitable for rooms up to 60 square meters. Both are made of good quality plastic, and integrate a circular display which in the 3H includes a touch button for management, while in the Pro it does not integrate any control function: in the larger model, to switch on, switch off and change the operating modes, a button on the upper surface must be used.

In the front display it is possible to check in real time the air quality, which is also reproduced through a circle that changes the color based on the values, the ambient temperature, the humidity, the filtering mode and the connection to the WiFi network.

It is a very advantageous filter especially for allergy sufferers or in any case has respiratory problems.

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In fact, the filtration takes place in 3 different phases, each of which is entrusted to one of the layers of the filter: the first layer filters the larger particles, such as dust, the second is a HEPA grade H13 filterwhich manages to capture particles with a diameter of 0,3 microns and above including for example PM 2.

Everything is managed both via the smartphone application and via the control buttons on both models. The intake air adjustment can be automatic or manually set on three levels: in this case the purifier will increase or decrease the operating intensity based on a series of integrated sensors with which it is able to analyze the air quality.

To do this, use 3 sensors: a PM2. But it works? During the period in which I tested it, I repeatedly saw it start rocket, especially if you had smoked it inside, or after having sprayed a perfume spray: in a few minutes, after seeing the fans running at full speed and producing a noise that is certainly less marked than the average, but still remarkablethe quality of the air has returned to "healthy" and the stench of cigarette smoke has totally disappeared.

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xiaomi 3h vs 3c

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