How to respond when a guy asks how was your day

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How to respond when a guy asks how was your day

You read it back.

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Playing with different inflections. Trying to figure out what exactly does "hi" really mean? Does he want to engage in conversation? Is he asking you out? There is no way you can figure this out on your own. Sure, you speak conversational Spanish, graduated college, and at one point understood algebra.

But decoding a text from a crush?

how to respond when a guy asks how was your day

You need backup. So you do what you always do. You then send that screenshot to three of your closest friends and wait with bated breath, distracting yourself by scrolling through Instagram until the reactions roll in:. I'm not sure if guys are aware of the team screenshot analysis.

On that note, gentlemen, if you send us a picture of your junk, chances are, our three closest friends have seen it, too. Texting a crush is a team sport, especially in the beginning or crumbling stages of a relationship. During the whole "I like him, does he like me and where do we stand? So, here's an in-depth look at what goes into a text message to a crush. Using real text messages. From the texts you get and what you think, to what your friends think, to finally what you text back.

Hopefully this will help you, or at least reassure you that you are not alone:. He can't sleep because he misses me! Don't respond, unless you're OK with that. Is he confessing his love for me? Is he admitting that he has another girl and he chose her over me?

I bet it was that girl whose selfie he liked the other day. He's probably typing nothing and just has your text open. He's totally mad at me. Or he's over me. Yep, he's not into this anymore because I said Birdman was just OK, and he loved it. There's nothing to text back. The conversation is over. You'll hear from him again.

Understanding Men: Why He Asks You Out But Leaves It Vague

He can't see me with my acne cream on! I wonder if I have any old photos in here. My costume was basically lingerie. He should like your mind, too.We all dread that moment when someone asks for your numberand you don't want to give it to them. Do I have an exit plan?

Yeah, bottom line, it's a lot of strategizing in a short amount of time. No, that doesn't make you "stuck up" or "rude," it just makes you an autonomous human being who gets to decide who does and does not have contact with you.

While it's not exactly fair to put it mildly that you have to spend so much time and effort on politely declining someone who may or may not take it well, I am happy to help ease the burden a bit by offering six strategies for saying no to someone asking for your number.

Here's the deal: This is actually the best answer and the one most people appreciate. It's short, sweet, and crystal clear. If you are in a situation where it feels safe to use this type of response, go ahead and just keep it real. So I have to say no. The reason this answer works is that it's not an outright rejection of them — it turns the situation back on yourself.

And it's not a lie, you're not in a good place to date But you can leave that last part out. I had a really bad experience in the past.

Sadly, it's might be true for you. Most of us have had the experience of giving out our number to someone, only to regret it when they acted like a jerk in one of a million different ways. Also, most people understand the concept of stranger danger, and in an increasingly woke era, they hopefully will likely not be that surprised you have this policy. I don't actually give out my number anymore, but I would be happy to take yours. It's not an outright no, but you're still protecting your privacy.

As strange as it may seem, sometimes, something as simple as keeping your tone and language really casual is enough to defuse a bruised ego.

Try a Humorous Reply when Someone Asks "How Are You?" ...

It's friendly, disarming, and still really direct. This is the Hail Mary rejection line that should be saved for situations where you feel unsafe or when they are not taking no for an answer. Sign up for a Google Voice account and reserve it for scenarios like this.

The reason this is better than giving out a fake number or a rejection hotline number is that, if they decide to test it while you are still there, it will ring to your phone. However, after the fact, it's very easy to block them. Plus, it maintains your privacy because people can discover a shocking amount of your personal information simply with your actual phone number.

It's never fun to get shot down, but at least this way, you'll be saving this person from as much embarrassment as possible, while still keeping yourself and your privacy safe.

By Rachel Shatto. The Direct Approach. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.Guy's Behavior. He always initiates the texting, and he usually throws in a "how was your day? Though for the most part, he talks about himself- though he seems like he likes to read my response. Even when I told him I'd text him soon as I had to make a call to a friend that may take a while, he asked me if I had a good chat when I got off the phone and texted him again.

He's not really awkward in conversations, but as just a friend would he be that curious or interested about what goes on in my life everyday? Share Facebook. If a guy asks how your day was?

When a guy asks about your love life?

Add Opinion. TimmyThomas Xper 5. Well, it seems like he is interested in dating you. I might do that to a female friend very once in a while or if she had something major going on that day, but asking all the time is his way to get you to talk to him. He asks you questions like that because 1 he thinks it shows he cares about you, your feelings, your life etc and 2 he does it to keep the conversation going Bottom line, unless you two have been friends a long time, he is very interested in dating you but doesn't know how to ask.

If he keeps initiating texting, he's interested to at least get to know you better. Asking about your day is showing he cares about you by asking about you. It's also a question you can easily answer. This question could also been asked to a regular friend though. By telling you something about himself, he probably hopes you'll tell more about yourself. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Sounds like he's interested in you. He talks about himself because he's trying to impress you.

Related myTakes. Show All. How to Cook a Good Steak. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.About a year ago, I was having one of those epic, ridiculous, totally immature meltdowns about some guy that waited 48 hours to respond to a text message. Everything was so good! It was so great! She carefully put up with me—in her tender, patient way—until she reached her boiling point or maybe needed to sign-off so she could do actual work?

To date? At the time, I was utterly confused did she like him too? Absolutely not. And with that question… my anxiety waned. I stopped obsessing about the time between text messages. I let him lead the conversation. If the answer is no—I stop wasting my time. Sure, it might seem like a stretch to ask that after one date —how do I even know that person?

how to respond when a guy asks how was your day

This question makes me take a second to breathe, look at the logic behind my worries instead of the anxiety, and truly look at who this guy is as a person. Not as the guy I want to hook up with, not as a partner, not as the dude I want to take home to meet my parents—but as a living, breathing, real, man, aside from anything connected to dating. All of my stress was because I felt like I had no control and no way to make a decision about whether something moved forward or not.

But you know what?

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Now, I let the guy impress me. I let him take the reigns. I let him send the sweet texts. I let him make a move. Would you want her to date him? Images: Lindsay Tigar.We all know that guys are complicated creatures. Sometimes, they do things that completely throw themselves off, much less us girls. And since they always feel off-balanced, they can leave us feeling the same way trying to figure out what they are actually meaning by the things they say and do.

There are guys with no fear, who jump right in and tell you how they feel only to leave you confused by the sudden rush of attention, and then there are they guys who tiptoe around their feelings so long that you are not even sure they have any feelings anymore. When guys are tiptoeing, the mixed signals can be crazy confusing.

It only takes about a week before you give up completely on trying to figure them out. To help you streamline your process, and keep you from giving up, I have got a few reasons for their odd behavior that guys themselves have provided. If a guy you know has been asking how your day has gone, then you will find these answers very helpful.

So, what does it mean when a guy asks you how your day was? It means he is interested in dating you and is trying to connect with you on a more meaningful, daily level.

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This means that the guy you have been talking to is trying to become a more permanent part of your life by giving you someone to talk to about your day and is inviting himself in to be that person. He is trying to keep the conversation light and continuing by asking you a question that you can easily answer without too much thought.

It is like a small offering of comfort in what is bound to be a nervous conversation. If he does this every day, it is a sign that he wants to be a good friend of yours, which is still a romantic thing in most cases as friends make the best dating partners.

He is trying to flirt but is unsure of how to get that across without seeming cheesy or creepy. Insinuating himself into your life by trying to talk to you more is a sure sign that he is interested in something more even if he does not know how to make that clear. He just wants to talk to you.

When this kind of thing happens on a monthly or bimonthly basis with a guy friend, it could just mean that he respects you as a friend and wants someone to talk to about something going on in his life. He starts the conversation by asking about your day because that is the polite thing to do. He is seeing where your interests lay. He is providing you with every opportunity to let him know how you feel about him. One of the first ways that a guy tests your affections for him is to get you used to speaking to him, and then stop suddenly.

If you contact him, then he knows you are interested. If you do not, then he knows to move on.

How to Respond to "How are you?" What to say when someone asks "How are you?" Communication Skills

He is casually talking to a few girls to see which of them he is interested in seeing more frequently and you are one of them. Guys have a tendency to do this and will fish for more information about the girls they are interested in to see if it is worth the effort of dating. Also, remember that your response is just as important. If you are, then flirt, ask him lots of personal questions, or suggest getting together. No matter what these guys answered, the difference is in the details. Listen to the tone of his voice.

Does he sound flirtatious, casual, seductive, or depressed? Use that tone, along with context clues, like what time he asks you, whether it is in person or over texts, and how frequently he does so to help you figure it out. As in most other relationship questions, you already know the answer.My guy friend and I don't talk as much as we used to, but when he initiates a conversation with me, he usually ends up asking about guys and my love life.

how to respond when a guy asks how was your day

For example, he asks "So any special guys? He also likes to ask me what happened usually it never turns out well for me with other guys. But he never volunteers information about his love life. Sometimes he'll say "Haven't found anyone lately" or "Sucked being single for valentines day again : " or "Nothing" when I ask him what happened. I think you should make a move and suggest dating. The guy is probably too shy to ask you out, even though he likes you.

how to respond when a guy asks how was your day

He is looking for hints in your text messages that you want to be with him. This is why he keeps asking you about guys because if you mention other guys he will back off. I would suggest showing interest if you like him and see where it goes. Well, two things come to mind here. One, he could like you and way to know what us going in with your love life si he knows when it's a good time for him to make a move. Two, love is the most commonly talked about thing, especially in younger people.

He could just be love oriented and have nothing else to talk about. He just wants to hear all the details because men love it when a woman tells them all the erotic details of their encounters with other men. They will not usually do that with you and tell you about all the erotic details with other women.

This is primarily because he has been not successfull in getting a girl for himself, and hence seeks others experience. Answer Save. Josephine "Joe" Mama. Kristine Theresa Lv 5. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Lainie Lv 6. Sharron Lv 4. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

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Updated: March 29, References. Knowing what to say or how to act when asked on a date can be difficult. You can become more self-assured when making your response by being direct, self-aware, and considerate. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

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Together, they cited information from 6 references. Learn more Explore this Article Accepting the Invitation. Declining Politely. Tips and Warnings.

Related Articles. Method 1 of Make your acceptance clear.

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Would you like to ride together or would you like for me to meet you there? Use friendly body language to show attraction. Maintain eye contact, smile, and keep your stance open. Avoid looking away, frowning, or crossing your arms. All of the above send the message that while you agreed to go on the date, you might not be looking forward to it. Follow through with the date.

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Try your best not to be late or cancel. No one likes being the person waiting in the restaurant alone. It can also hurt your opportunities for a second date if you leave them hanging too long or all together. If something comes up, be sure to call them as soon as possible, apologize, and offer a specific time to reschedule. Method 2 of Decline the invitation firmly.



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